Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sharp Practice British

Well it's been a while and in amongst the tidying up of other projects, I finally managed to finish the last group for my Napoleonic British, so I've now got both sets ready to play. (Yay) Just need to do another couple of Deployment/objective markers and perhaps investigate some support options, but that's how it goes.

 The full set, 4 groups of line/light infantry, 2 groups of rifles/light skirmishers, 5 officers, 2 drummers, 1 colour party and a deployment point.
 2 Officers and an NCO for the infantry groups, there are 2 drummers as well.
 2 Rifle Officers, one with his rifle in hand, heavy sabre and his blue french cavalry trousers.
And an almost passable close up.


  1. Looking good Andy. We will need to organise a game soon to give them a run out on the table.

    John Ewing

  2. I'm just chuffed that I've managed to get two forces ready for Napoleonics. I never thought to see the day.