Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Some Romans

I got these chaps down at Vapnartak as my main purchase for the day. So they're all assembled and these are the first 2 groups painted up. Basing and shields will wait until I'm finished the rest and will get done in one go. I'm still swithering about whether to get shield transfers or not. I quite like how they make the shields look with the nice big dirty bit on the bottom and the marks and scratches over them. But it still feels a bit like cheating, I'm just not sure I could actually manage to do anywhere near as good a job myself.

The poses of the models are disappointingly fixed and the arm options are almost all the same, I ended up subbing in some arms left over from my Dark age warriors and vikings for a little more variety. Either way, the armoured ones will do for making the elite unit for my Dux Brit British and will be used for Broken Legions and I think there should be enough for the new Roman Age Saga variant as well.  So all in all a good win win on usability.