Monday, 28 May 2018

Beacon Ryu Buntai

Another set that I'd been working on to get them ready for an outing a couple of weeks ago before coming back for highlights to get done. I've had them for ages and never got round to painting them as I'd been using the Clan Patrol for games. So here's a shot of them on the game terrain.

And then another of them after some more highlights were done.

And finally one of the Clan Patrol on the game terrain as well.

Last Bits for Sharp Practice

I finally got round to finishing the last of the models I (currently) have for Sharp Practice which is three groups of Grenadiers to go with my British Force.

Of course finished is almost never a word used for projects like this, but I don't play it a lot so I have enough forces to handle what I want.   Ideally some British cavalry would be nice to oppose the French cavalry I have, but they are a pain to use on the field so I'd rather stick with the infantry actions and if I really want to head off elsewhere for this, I think my 15mm ACW or FIW would be a better place to expand than more 28mm Peninsula.

Monday, 26 March 2018

More Epic Pics

Just a couple pics of my Space Wolves and a handful of my imperial guard to go with the Chaos pics I previously put up.

Space Wolves first, 2 companies worth and a bunch of support options for them, That's about 4000pts worth and I still have another box worth of Tactical, Assault Marines, Rhinos, Land Raiders, Dreadnoughts, and Vindicators. I think.

Imperial Guard next, my main 2 boxes of stuff that I pick my forces from. Add in my 2 Warhounds and warlord from one of the other boxes and there's about 9000points there and that's just what's been sorted out fixed up a little. (I really need to find some more Leman Russ Tanks to make it up to a company instead of subbing in other stuff.)

Saturday, 24 February 2018

6mm Iraq/Egyptians

A while ago Ric mentioned he had some Black hawks and that 6mm moderns in the middle east could be an option so I re-purposed my 6mm Soviet kit, got some new bases from Warbases for pickup at York and set about repainting what I have.

The infantry is some old Imperial Guard spares that I had lying around to test colours, I have another 8 vehicles on the table just now and I'll need to buy maybe another £20-30's worth from Scotia to fill it out but with York this month, that will need to wait until April probably.  But it's only 6mm, so it's quite quick to paint and PDF purchase of CWC means that I can start getting things lined up for what I'll need to finish up a decent sized force.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Dux Britainarium

Another part of my purchase from York was some sabots for my dark age forces, I did have everything on ranked sabots which I think was fine for the British troops and their shieldwall. But I liked the look of the more ragged Saxon lines I'd seen from others so I got some skirmish style sabots for them.

Still need to flock the sabots and I completely forgot to get a more skirmish style base for the skirmish archers, but they'll do quite happily.  And just because here's the British forces that they face.

Like everything I need to finish off the Hearthguard (used Late Romans) bases and do their shields.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

KoW Elves

We were talking about doing a big game of Kings of War, I already have my Dwarves and we'd need some more 'good' aligned armies to face the massive Orc horde so I had a look at my elves and can manage a 2000 pt force as shown.

I'll need to get sabots made up for everything and I'll need to paint up about a dozen or so models and properly base the rest but with some time to get ready this should be doable in the next month or so.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Eclipse Mercenaries

So giftmas this year involved a bunch of 15mm Scifi figures, a Platoon and extras from GZG of their new sculpt NSL troops.  I also got a platoon and extras from the Ion Age range from Alternative Armies as well.  The first batch of GZG stuff I wasn't sure what colour scheme to go with so I did 4 of them up in the colour schemes of the Mercenaries from Mass Effect Universe.

Cerberus, Blue suns, Eclipse and Blood Pack.

 I settled for Eclipse for the GZG troops and I'll do the Ion Age stuff as a modified Blood Pack. And here's the first couple of squads done. Basing as always will be done at some point in the future once everything is finished off.