Saturday, 6 January 2018

Eclipse Mercenaries

So giftmas this year involved a bunch of 15mm Scifi figures, a Platoon and extras from GZG of their new sculpt NSL troops.  I also got a platoon and extras from the Ion Age range from Alternative Armies as well.  The first batch of GZG stuff I wasn't sure what colour scheme to go with so I did 4 of them up in the colour schemes of the Mercenaries from Mass Effect Universe.

Cerberus, Blue suns, Eclipse and Blood Pack.

 I settled for Eclipse for the GZG troops and I'll do the Ion Age stuff as a modified Blood Pack. And here's the first couple of squads done. Basing as always will be done at some point in the future once everything is finished off.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Epic Chaos

Another army getting finished off and touched up.  This time an Epic Chaos force, standard chaos force and enough upgrades to swap out to make it a Death guard list.  Although looking at my tags, I don't appear to have pics of either of my other Epic armies, Imperial Guard and Spacewolves.

I might sort out the other two at some point for Pics so I have a complete record.  But next up is painting christmas present of 15mm Sci-fi stuff.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Last of the Cultists and a Birthday Present

Well first up some pics I took  earlier in the month, but just didn't get round to posting them at the time the last of the cultists are done. These are the ones that I tooled up with the Fantasy equipment, so that's Fantasy, Scifi and Modern'ish all completed. These ones also come with some ghouls and a reanimated armoured viking.

 The other picture is awful for lighting, I really don't understand how some come out looking really good and others I just can't get the lighting right at all. But anyway for my birthday this year I ordered these fine miniatures from Matt Slade. All Napoleonic period, all women and all properly dressed rather than the more pinup types I've seen.

In other news I've almost finished the last of my vikings and I've been going back and trying to finish off my old 28mm Dwarf army as I've started playing Kings of War. More of them to come.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Mongols Finished

Well after finally playing in their first game of Warmaster I made a big push to get the remaining Brigade of my Mongol army finished and that's finally everything, painted, inked and flocked.

And a shot of them in action before I got them all finished off. The Skirmish rules in Warmaster Ancients are a bit of a pain to get your head round but using them a couple of times it made a lot more sense.  I think it could get very frustrating very quickly for the opponent but Ric said it wasn't too bad once he'd figured out how to combat the evasions.

Or at least that's them as finished as they need to be right now. I'm sure there will be more joining the ranks eventually, get them brought up to a 2,000 pt army but this was fine for an evenings game.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

10mm Finnish army.

Managed to finish off the last of my Finnish forces a week or so ago. Now that they're done the next step is to flock these and the Russians to match each other and then buy some tanks and trucks etc for the Russians to round off the forces.

These will of course be used for BKC2 but if we get round to it, we're going to try using some of them in Chain of Command as well, see how that feels scale wise.

More Cultists

Returning to some stuff that I actually did last month and never got round to posting up seeing as I'm perpetually bad at trying to stick to a schedule on this kind of thing. The next batch of cultists, alongside the scifi ones these are the ones outfitted with more modern weapons, (a variety of stuff from the remains of a ww2 plastic weapons sprue and my bits box) Likely to be used for the likes of a Cthulhu type game or IHMN etc and in keeping with the scifi ones and the fantasy still to come.

Some Scifi

Now that the Mordheim campaign season is finished next up is likely to be something Scifi before we return to Mordheim. So I dug out some scifi bands that might be of use for the likes of Scrappers, Rogue Stars etc.

Despite being old bands, I've never got round to adding them here so that I have picture access for ease of making up rosters.