Saturday, 5 January 2019

Village of the witches

Midlam are great, not for my pocket occasionally but they do some really good kickstarters that cover a variety of non fighty people but thankfully they're a bit too frequent otherwise I'd be buying lots of stuff I don't really have a need for. The last one I did opt in for though was Village of the Witches, this came as two sets of models, a bunch of witches and a bunch of villagers. Well the Witches are done.

I didn't want to go with all black so I did a bunch of different colours on them to spruce it up a bit, but they do still have pointy witch hats so you can't mistake them for anything else.

Some More Greeks

I've been putzing around lately doing stuff for the club website so my painting has been a bit more minimal than I'd have hoped over the festive break from proper work.  Even so I managed to get these chaps done, I've got another 8 hoplites and 5 skirmishers to get done and I'll come back to shields and basing when I've done them as I need to work out a force for them in IHMN Bronze age.

They also match up as more extras than I'll ever need for my argonauts however they'll probably get more mileage in IHMN or something.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Burrows and Badgers

So Oathsworn have this wonderful little game that Osprey published recently. We had always intended to use the mouselings for a Redwall type game, and this works wonderfully well. The last Kickstarter I got the full set, and with the new kickstarter up and paid for, I decided to try and get these guys all finished off. Still got bases to do, but I need to get more flock, tufts etc before I can decide that, likewise I'm not sure whether to paint the rims of the bases green or not.

Either way, here's the current batch finished with

and without flash.

What A Tanker 15mm Canadians.

So I've had What a Tanker since it came out and played it a handful of times, I already had some Stugs in 15mm from a brief foray into FOW. So I wanted to pick up some Shermans to oppose them. A query on the club facebook got me some unassembled ones so I picked the Canadian 2nd Armoured division to paint them up and here they are, they got their first outing this month for the Club AGM.

I have a tiger to assemble as well that's been lying since the FOW foray, so hopefully soon.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

6mm Sci-fi

Last set of catchup's for the moment is a more generic sci-fi force that I've been adding to from a variety of old Copeland models, Marines and Imperial Guard.

15mm Prydians

The colour scheme for this batch are based on the Blood Pack from Mass Effect. The models are Prydian army from Alternative Armies Ion Age.  I've used them before for Firefight (an ages old game from AA) But they will also be used for Tomorrows War and anything else that comes along.

It was really hard trying to get the pictures for these and the NSL troops, the yellow and red of them seems to pick up and reflect the light really badly for the camera.

15mm Ikwen

The low tech insurgents/rebels/downtrodden natives for our Ambush Alley games, we chose not to play the rules in the modern era as per the rules but to set them in a scifi setting.  I need to paint the scenery that I've made to go with this game but here is a quick shot of the Lizard Ikwen.