Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Darkages to Vikings

Well it's been a while and it's been a busy time with lots of painting going on to finish off a variety of armies. First up my Vikings, pretty much everything is Gripping Beast and this gives me enough for two full Dux Britanarium forces as well as enough figures to cover any other skirmish game we try out for this period.

The army in it's entirety.

Harald and his Champion

Huscarls, Hearthguard,

Bersekers, Cavaly

Freeman, Bondi etc

Levy, Leidang etc


As always, apologies for the crap pictures but trying to get a decent amount of sunlight into the room with all my stuff is a challenge.

I have another Lord but I need to get round to painting his banner before it's finished.

Next will be back to 10mm....