Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dux Britaniarum

We played our first game of it last night, Ric was my opponent. A big departure for both of us who have been far more used to playing Warhammer and Warmaster derivatives for far too many years.

It seemed to go well, but our choice of terrain hindered the game rather a lot. I think we've got the gist of it, but we're going to go for a more stand up fight next week to allow us to figure out the combat rules a bit better and hopefully this time we'll be a bit quicker as we had to end the game unfinished last night due to time constraints, but to be fair we did have the last few turns going a lot smoother than our first bumbling attempts.

Adventures in Storage

Well after Mark at club offered up some old steel lined boxes. I have embarked on the storage adventure that is magnetic basing. It's something I've been pondering for a while for my 10mm stuff, rather than foam which I think is probably more suited to 28mm stuff.

So I bought some magnetic tape at Claymore and tonight I've sat and cut it into strips and and stuck it to the bases of my WW2 Germans and my Saracens (that are done so far) It seems pretty solid for what I'm needing which is really only for shelf to table, and occasionally to club as in the past I've felt my Germans slide across their old box when I've picked it off the shelf. The extra little rim under the base will also aid immensely when trying to pick them up from a flat surface without having to resort to grabbing hold of the miniatures themselves.

So all good I think.

My 10mm Warhamster hordes continue to expand with 2x 1500 pt fantasy armies already finished (Battle of five armies, Goblins and forces of good) and another 2x 1500 pt on the way High elves (almost finished) and Undead. I also have my Saracens and Crusaders (Courtesy of Dave) under way.

The last one is Mongols after Pendraken tried a kickstarter type thing through their forum. Apparently they should be ready by Oct/Nov time so that will be another 1000 pts or so to fight my crusaders from the North while the Saracens take them from the south.

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Is it always a bad plan to go to a show with a big shopping list and lots of money? Oh well, I did and I got everything I had actually been looking for. Soooo today's purchases are.

Dux Britanniarum Rules.
A lot of vikings. (Dark age warrior plastic box, berserkers, monks, 2 warlords, swine and hounds)
Kallistra 10mm Undead and High Elf cavalry to finish off my Warmaster Fantasy armies.
A ton of bases for my 10mm armies and some magnetic tape.

Flames of War 3rd ed mini rulebook.
Dystopian Wars Rulebook. (Finally)

So all good stuff, I think my first priority will be to get my Viking forces assembled, but not necessarily painted yet, I'll speak to RiC to let him know what he needs for his side of things. Or if I get inspired enough, I'll get everything assembled for both sides.  Either way, I aim to have enough done that I can play Saga as well if anyone is up for it.