Saturday, 3 August 2013


Is it always a bad plan to go to a show with a big shopping list and lots of money? Oh well, I did and I got everything I had actually been looking for. Soooo today's purchases are.

Dux Britanniarum Rules.
A lot of vikings. (Dark age warrior plastic box, berserkers, monks, 2 warlords, swine and hounds)
Kallistra 10mm Undead and High Elf cavalry to finish off my Warmaster Fantasy armies.
A ton of bases for my 10mm armies and some magnetic tape.

Flames of War 3rd ed mini rulebook.
Dystopian Wars Rulebook. (Finally)

So all good stuff, I think my first priority will be to get my Viking forces assembled, but not necessarily painted yet, I'll speak to RiC to let him know what he needs for his side of things. Or if I get inspired enough, I'll get everything assembled for both sides.  Either way, I aim to have enough done that I can play Saga as well if anyone is up for it.

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