Friday, 25 July 2014


Getting round to some of this slowly, Crusaders and Arabs based for Warmaster about 1200pts available from each.  This goes alongside the 3 fantasy armies already made up already (High elves, forces of good and evil from middle earth.)

First up Arabs.

Then Crusaders

It only leaves me Undead and Mongols to finish off for my current 10mm armies. Though I do have some Romans I picked up at the Carronade flea market, (That had some hoplites in the bag! which unfortunately just fuels my ideas for the Peloponisian wars)  For another day methinks.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Darkages to Vikings

Well it's been a while and it's been a busy time with lots of painting going on to finish off a variety of armies. First up my Vikings, pretty much everything is Gripping Beast and this gives me enough for two full Dux Britanarium forces as well as enough figures to cover any other skirmish game we try out for this period.

The army in it's entirety.

Harald and his Champion

Huscarls, Hearthguard,

Bersekers, Cavaly

Freeman, Bondi etc

Levy, Leidang etc


As always, apologies for the crap pictures but trying to get a decent amount of sunlight into the room with all my stuff is a challenge.

I have another Lord but I need to get round to painting his banner before it's finished.

Next will be back to 10mm....

Monday, 24 March 2014

Mongol Comparison

After talking about it at club tonight, here's the pic I took of my various 10mm (Historical) cavalry

From the left, Mongol, Mongol, Knights, Arabs, Mongols, Knights, Knights. The Mongols and the Arabs are from Pendraken and the Knights are from GrandScale I think they're called. (The OldGlory Uk 10mm stuff)

The Mongols although small when sat side by side are very crisp sculptures and you won't notice when arrayed in an army by themselves.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Painting Update

Well it's been a while since I last did a proper post, I've mostly been concentrating on my 10mm stuff for quite a while now. With the exception of a Zeveda ME109 my German Army is finished now, the reason for this was so I could enter it into the Pendraken Painting competition, seeing as I started it 2 years ago and entered the first infantry unit I painted into the comp 2 years ago. I did the big push at the start of the month to get the Tigers and Panzers finished for the deadline.

Other than that though I've been soldiering on with my Arab army and I only have a couple of Cavalry Units left (about half way done) and they'll be done for the moment. Enough for about 1100-1200 pts for Warmaster. (and I have enough for another Infantry Brigade)

Now that I'm at that stage, I've prepped all of my Crusaders and Mongols and I intend to do them one unit from each at a time to help relieve the monotony of doing an army of entirely horse archers and one of mainly armour.

If these get too much, I also have the last few High elf Cavalry and my Undead to get stuck in about to finish them off to the 1200pts I'm aiming for. Alternately I can finish off basing my 28mm Medieval stuff for Impetus, Dux Brit, Saga etc. Or get started on my Airfix North Africa stuff.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Picture Help

Anyone know what kind of settings to use to get good quality pictures?

I'm having the following issues.

I've managed to up the exposure to get more of it in focus due to them being small and up close, but now I'm not getting the lighting.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Seeing as it's been August since I last posted an update is in order, I've mostly been painting 10mm Arabs and finishing off my WW2 German tanks and without the transfer cable for the camera I've not done much about posting those.

Plans for this year involve lots more 10mm. I need to get the camera sorted out to take pics as I've now completed 3 brigades of Arabs. But I'm waiting on my Mongol order from Pendraken being prepared as I've run out of basing materials and I do all of my 10mm by adding the sand and models onto the base before undercoating.

So once that arrives, I need to make the choices of Arab Cavalry and Characters, Crusaders, Mongols, Undead or High Elves to get started on next.

Seeing as I've been enjoying the Longstreet Campaign and the likelihood that Maurice may well follow I've been debasing and cleaning up my SYW French that I have had sitting around forever. I think I need to double what I have to be able to get enough for a Maurice army, but that shouldn't be too hard to accomplish I hope with the likes of Timecast. I want to find pics as my existing models are Essex, but the Timecast Oldglory 15's I have for ACW are comparable so if their SYW are similar then all is good and in bigger packs than I would get from Essex stuff.

The last thing I really want/need to get round to this year is finishing off the bases on my 28mm Vikings and Tuetonics.