Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Scifi Cultists

The other one I've managed to complete recently was some cultists for Rogue Stars (Primarily) They're the cultists from Northstar with the resin scifi bits pack. I've deliberately left them dirty after their ink wash as I think that fits a bit better. The rest of the box was assembled with a mix of modern (ish) rifles and smg's to be used within IHMN or a more modern Cthulhu type game, with the remainder done using standard fantasy type weapons, however I'm sure cultists even in the modern age wouldn't be above using a big axe or sword so I'll be keeping with the same colour scheme throughout all of them.

6mm Scifi?

All the talk of playing Dirtside II again had me digging these out and finishing them off and adding a few Infantry stands to see how they compared for size.

So a command tank, 2 sets of 3 GEV Tanks, 3 VTOLS, 2 Missile systems and 6 infantry stands. They're GZG models that I bought in my first year at Uni (24 years ago, when you ordered blind from a paper catalogue that you had to pay to get posted out to you!) I'd need a few more to make up a decent force, but they'll work fine alongside my existing Modern Soviets if it's required.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Some Romans

I got these chaps down at Vapnartak as my main purchase for the day. So they're all assembled and these are the first 2 groups painted up. Basing and shields will wait until I'm finished the rest and will get done in one go. I'm still swithering about whether to get shield transfers or not. I quite like how they make the shields look with the nice big dirty bit on the bottom and the marks and scratches over them. But it still feels a bit like cheating, I'm just not sure I could actually manage to do anywhere near as good a job myself.

The poses of the models are disappointingly fixed and the arm options are almost all the same, I ended up subbing in some arms left over from my Dark age warriors and vikings for a little more variety. Either way, the armoured ones will do for making the elite unit for my Dux Brit British and will be used for Broken Legions and I think there should be enough for the new Roman Age Saga variant as well.  So all in all a good win win on usability.

Sunday, 19 February 2017


So my first force for Broken Legions is all ready.  The Argonauts or at least their descendants are the greek faction with Whispers of Hera as their special rule. So I themed it round Hera, a fair few amazons in there with some hoplite infantry as well, all the shields are symbols associated with Hera, Lotus flower, Bull, Eye, Peacock etc (though the attempt at a peacock feather looks more like a multicoloured onion!)

The Romans are the next batch on the painting table, but that might take a bit longer to get through.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Dr Who

Last one for the night, seeing as he was in the same box as all my other Pulp type stuff. Probably my favourite Dr, (for the scarf if nothing else) So here is a pair of Time Lords and their faithful metallic hound.
Broken legions is likely to be the next batch to be up here, with my Greeks almost done, and the Romans from York assembled and partially based.


One for Fiona, this bunch I bought at York last year and they've been sitting on my desk pretty much ever since. I finally got round to finishing off the last of the highlights that I wanted to do right now and flocking the last of the bases.

All that fur was a pita to get up the enthusiasm to do anything with. At least with my skaven I just went for all the same shade of brown and inked them up quite heavily to make them look dirty, couldn't do that with these chaps. Some of it's not as bright as I'd like, but they're passable in person.

15mm Seven Years War (In Canada)

I just hauled these out because they happened to be in the box next to some of the other stuff.  I have had these in my collection for decades and only got round to re-basing them last year, There had been talk ages ago (probably a couple of years) now of doing a Maurice campaign on the back of the Long street one. but things got sidetracked with CoC I think. Either way, I'd looked these  guys out and based them a bit better than the cardboard they'd originally been attached to.

So here's the Boss man and his troops of the French La Reine regiment posted in Canada. (So I was told)

They'd need filled out to make a proper force, but I'd been thinking Canada just so I could add some Indians to the force, replace skirmishers for Artillery/Cavalry in the ratios thing.

In Her Majesties Name Ramses 2nd

Last one for this batch, I picked these up at Claymore last year and finally got round to finishing off bases recently.

I'll use these along similar lines to the Followers of Ra, it'll just be a Ramses 2nd and some less culty followers.

In Her Majesties Name Okhrana

I had to look up what this batch were called in the game as all I could remember was the Russian secret service. Either way, a bit more on the steampunk side of the IHMN but here's my Valhallan Imperial guard that I used alongside an old ratty shaman and his big wolf. (Not pictured)

Almost all of that lovely heavy ordnance never got used, except the Congreave Rocket Launcher (Missile Launcher) that saw one appearance at the end of the campaign and missed. But then again, whichever idiot of a boss saw fit to send some Siberians into the desserts of northern Africa is beyond me. Although the natives seemed quite fond of the furry hats for those cold desert nights.

In Her Majesties Name Police

Catching up on taking and posting some of the stuff that I've finished off last year and this year and wanting to document what I actually have available to use for games in separate posts.

So first up In Her Majesties Name a Police force, I'd bought these a while ago and was rather disappointed to find out when I got them home that when they said 25mm, they actually meant 25mm. (An unusual occurrence these days, given that often 28mm are nearer 35)

So a bit on the small side compared to everything else I have for the game.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Rogue Stars Ready to go

We're doing a big game of Rogue Stars at club tomorrow (well lots of 1v1's) to learn the rules and now that my PC is working again, here's the 2 crews that I've put together for Ric and myself to use.

First up some new miniatures for me from Hasslefree using their names for now. A Mercenary Crew. Left to right, Drax (Modern Survivor) Weapons master, Sola (Fantasy Dwarven Pirate?) techie t-leaf, Vic (pilot) Leader and medic, Rattie (GW Ratling) the Sniper, Oscar (Modern Survivor) Munitions specialist.

 So I managed to completely skip thier Scifi range when I got these because the scifi ones I wanted were all out of stock. So maybe another time.

Next up Star cops (Void Vasa miniatures) Again Left to right, Archangel (recon), Suppressor Sergeant (Riot/Close Support) Knight of Spirit, Leader/medic/psionic, Suppressor (Riot/Close Support), Commander X (Mobile/Close Support)

I've got a few other groups I could use for this, More Vasa infantry that could easily be a Militia, Escher gangers that could be Pirates, Squats that would be Miners, Necrons to be robots, and Orks that could be aliens alongside my Krogan and genestealers or something.

But we'll see how the game goes first.  Because it's so trait driven it seems like it'll be really hard to remember what everything does, despite the mechanics being fairly simple so I expect it'll take a few games to bed things in and tweak traits as I've probably picked stuff that won't work with the models or something.