Sunday, 12 February 2017

15mm Seven Years War (In Canada)

I just hauled these out because they happened to be in the box next to some of the other stuff.  I have had these in my collection for decades and only got round to re-basing them last year, There had been talk ages ago (probably a couple of years) now of doing a Maurice campaign on the back of the Long street one. but things got sidetracked with CoC I think. Either way, I'd looked these  guys out and based them a bit better than the cardboard they'd originally been attached to.

So here's the Boss man and his troops of the French La Reine regiment posted in Canada. (So I was told)

They'd need filled out to make a proper force, but I'd been thinking Canada just so I could add some Indians to the force, replace skirmishers for Artillery/Cavalry in the ratios thing.

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