Monday, 13 November 2017

Last of the Cultists and a Birthday Present

Well first up some pics I took  earlier in the month, but just didn't get round to posting them at the time the last of the cultists are done. These are the ones that I tooled up with the Fantasy equipment, so that's Fantasy, Scifi and Modern'ish all completed. These ones also come with some ghouls and a reanimated armoured viking.

 The other picture is awful for lighting, I really don't understand how some come out looking really good and others I just can't get the lighting right at all. But anyway for my birthday this year I ordered these fine miniatures from Matt Slade. All Napoleonic period, all women and all properly dressed rather than the more pinup types I've seen.

In other news I've almost finished the last of my vikings and I've been going back and trying to finish off my old 28mm Dwarf army as I've started playing Kings of War. More of them to come.

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