Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Germans for CoC

In the grand tidy up and catch up I finally got round to flocking the bases of my last squad of Germans, leaders and support options. So here are the obligatory washed out pictures. New phone does not mean better pictures, lets call it user error.

 The big picture, 3 squads of 10 men, including a Junior leader and an LMG team.
Senior Leader options
2 man sniper team
Werfer of flamen, panzershreck and panzerfaust.

I'm not sure I need much more for these, tentatively of the Luftwaffe, with a squad of Fallschirmjager (sp?) and the rest standard troops, I could perhaps do with getting another 3 LMG's and an MMG, so as able to field different periods but probably not necessary yet.

Next I'm sorting through my dark ages stuff, to see what else I need to make up units/groups for Dux Brit and Saga Forces as I'm sure I was a group/part of a group short for 2 Dux forces.

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