Friday, 22 July 2016

Sharp Practice French

Well it's finally done, I've finished off a Napoleonic force! I really detested painting these figures, I think it's just the level of detail on the uniforms that annoyed me and as a result it took so long to do. (Although it's actually just under a year as I picked the first of these up at Claymore last year, we just won't mention the British that have been languishing for far longer) They require a level of crispness that I'm just not used to painting anymore, recent armies have all been, dark ages, ww2 etc. Anyway here's the usual badly focused/lit pictures.

I'm going to paint a few random things next, last squad for my CoC germans, finish off the last Amazon bases, Tuetonic leader for Saga Crescent and the Cross.  Then I think I'll need a concerted effort to try and get the British done to match this lot.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good Andy.
    We will need to get them onto the tabletop soon where they can get the traditional first game kicking from either my Spanish or Allan's Brunswickers! : ) that way they will be better prepared to face your British in due course.