Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hordes of the Things

Played a few games of this now using my 15 mm armies and we still haven't managed to get a win with the undead force. Oh well! But having hunted through the collection, I now have the Undead and Arabian Myth force seen earlier in the blog, but also, Dwarves, Medieval and Romans all painted (with a couple of bases in the dwarf force as an exception) I also have based, but not fully painted Celt and Greeks forces.

Anyway, Dave was talking about doing some Mythical Greece, so I dug out my old Grenadier Amazons and did some tidying up to fit them onto 60mm frontage bases. So here they are all finished. I have 28 points there to choose from so far with a further 4 points lurking.

1 Hero, 2 Knights (Chariots), 1 Beasts or Riders, 4 archers, 2 blades, 3 spear, with another spear on the painting table to make it up to 4.  I'm sure I have another 2 cats, but only 1 rider, (I used the other one on a Unicorn decades ago) which will give me a second Beasts/Riders which I'd prefer as from experience so far I'm not keen on having a single element type present in the army.


  1. I must give your Amazons a game soon

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