Sunday, 23 September 2012

BKC Germans

Seeing as I'm taking pictures, here's my finished (So far) WW2 Germans. Couple of WIP's, my painting competition entry and then the finished ones. Fallschirmjaeger on the left and middle, Heer on the right. Everything is from Pendraken, the infantry are German Para's Army Pack and added are the 2 Pak40's, 2 Stug III's, 3 Opal Blitz Trucks and 3 SDKFZ 251/1's. The draught horses are some butchered high elf chariot mounts for warmaster.

So next for these I need another 6 transports for the company on the left, the Heer will remain on foot and the addition of an Engineering section and some Panzer Companies to finish it all off. Then it'll be the Russians up next.

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