Monday, 24 September 2012

ACW Base Test

Okay testing sizes of bases, in the blue uniforms, arrayed in 4 x 1  1" x 1" bases with 4 figures to a base. with a seperate commander base on a 2p, will probably be made to a 1" x 1" base as well if I go this route.

In the greys on the right, arrayed in a 3 x 2  40mm x 20mm bases with 3 figures to a base. Commander integrated for blackpowder, can be seperate for Warmaster variant (Still to be tested)

I'm not sure I like the one on the right so much, I can't get 4 wide on that size base, and 2 deep doesn't quite fit either, however it will leave enough space along the back of the base to put unit details on if I want to go down that route.

The ones on the left, looks a lot tighter and more regimented, but not sure how I want it all to look. Loose or tight ranks.  The ACW wasn't as tightly regimented as say the Napoleonic era where the left one would be a no brainer for the look of it, but at the same time, does the one on the right look too loose.


  1. Perhaps we could get a game of ACW in sometime?

    I didn'y know that you had a blog by the way - I would follow it but can't see any way of doing so

    1. Most of my stuff is at least now based and/or undercoated, (7 regiments of infantry, 3 of cavalry and 3 artillery batteries) give or take depending on rules and how they're being fudged to work. Only confederates atm but I'm being strict and with the exception of command models I'm not buying any more until this lot is painted.

      I have no idea if you can set these to be able to follow, I currently have a tab group of blogs on my browser, but it'd be better to get updates when something is updated rather than having to keep checking.

  2. Following you now!

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