Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Why do I do what I do?

Nabbed from Dave's Blog

"This is another one of those interesting Internet Memes that occasionally does the rounds within the hobby Blog community. This one comes from the Itinerant Hobbyist who has adapted something he found elsewhere on the Interweb as a way of classifying and quantifying what drives us as individual wargamers. Unlike a set of questions this is designed to gauge the complex interplay of motivations that we all share but in different quantities. There are five basic categories and all you have to do is allocate a percentage next to each according to its significance in motivating you as a wargamer. Of course there is nothing to stop you from adding a little explanation with your percentages, in fact I hope you do.
(Picture Source - 56 Geeks)
The descriptions below are taken directly from the Itinerant Hobbyists post:
  • Immersion - You really get into the fluff/universe/world/history of the game you play. 
  • Social - relationships are what's important. You look forward as much to the dinner/drink afterwards as you do to the gaming itself.
  • Showcasing/Modelling - You really like to show your work and see the work of others. Modelling and painting are what give you the most energy.
  • Strategy - You like to read forums, listen to podcasts, work on lists, etc to improve your game. You like the mechanics of how a game works.
  • Competition - you like testing your play style and abilities against others to come out on top. Or, to test your strategies against the best."

So from the above let me see,
Immersion: 20%
Despite the fact that I do medieval re enactment my knowledge of history is pretty naff, I can't for some reason take in things and remember them on that large a scale, but the mundane aspects of life in the period I cover I'm good at. Which I think is why I much prefer skirmish/RPG style games which I can get into much easier.

Social: 20%
Beer good... No umm, I'm really not the most social of people to be honest, but I get along with gamers, I prefer the company to the social aspect I think. Hopefully that makes sense, as kids me and my mate would go to each others house and kinda do our own thing with some chatting every now and again.

Showcasing/Modelling: 35%
I do like the look of a decently painted army on the tabletop. I am a very lazy painter though as though I'm a very capable painter and have entered and placed in competitions in the past, I came to the realisation sometime that the look of an army doesn't rely on each model being superbly painted, passable will do for the tabletop. As a result I tend to paint to what I call wargames standard instead of the higher level I reserved for my RPG models. Most recent example was for the Pendraken competition, I painted up a base of 10mm ww2 Germans, up close you can see the difference, on the table you couldn't pick it out.

Strategy: 15%
I tend to go with what I think feels right, sometimes I get it right, other times I prove how much I should actually look at history in a bit more depth. I like to win, who doesn't but I'd prefer a good game over anything.

Competition: 10%
A bit like above, I'm not that bothered, the reason I went in for the Impetus competition was for the chance to play against different people than I'd play at club.

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