Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Starting Point.

Well here's some bad pics of where I'm starting out with my Tuetonics.

Armoured infantry (Military Order Sergeants) are Fireforge Foot Sergeants, so are the crossbowmen (Military Order Crossbowmen). Front right and left with a dodgy Pavise from a Tombking.

Archers (Livonian Foot Skirmishers) and semi painted knights are Bretonians (Nobles and German Mercenaries)

Horse archers (Livonian Horse Archers) are some really old Grenadier elves.

Mounted Sergeants (Turcopoles) and the Teutonic Knights (as is) are the other ones from Fireforge with several still to be made up. However I really need to get my hands on 2 skirmish bases of Livonian Javelins t omake the force I want to try and field, then see how it all works out.


  1. An interesting start to the army

  2. Yeah, at the moment it's a case of using what I currently have available to cobble it together to try before I start buying more models for it. The Fireforge stuff is the first Historical miniatures in this scale that I've bought, all the rest are fantasy or sci-fi.