Monday, 4 February 2013


Well this weekend was Vapnartak, the club went down in force in a bus and although I could have done without the 5am start it was a good day out.

Lots of games on show, pretty much all 28mm, I think I saw a FoW game and teh 15mm Critical mass but that was it for other scales. Had another go of Saga, which I still enjoyed, I think I need to finish off my Vikings and get going with that one.

There were purchases a plenty though, mostly finishing off armies which I'm quite pleased about.

15mm ACW standard bearers, All I need to finish off the models I currently have.

10mm Saracen Infantry for the missus, now that I have the mix of models I can start thinking about basing that lot for painting.

A 1/144 scale ME109 to complete my BKC Germans, it'll proxy in for whatever aircraft I'm using on the few occasions they do get used.

A small horde of bases for the above and some Impetus sabots for the next purchase and a new army, period etc.

Teutonics from Fireforge Games, 3 boxes to be used for Impetus. I think that should give me the main core of troops that I need as I got the Teutonic Cavalry, Mounted Sergeants and foot Sergeants. That should give me 7 Cavalry bases, (3 heavy, 4 medium/light) and 6 infantry bases, (More if I shift my crossbowmen down to one rank to start with.)

So all in all, a good haul. I'm still going to finish off my WW2 Germans first I think, they're all tanks, transports and artillery pretty much, so easy enough to paint.

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