Sunday, 19 August 2012

Extra stuff to do

One of my friends bought me the Empire of the Blazing Sun Naval Battle Group for Dystopian Wars for my birthday. We'd played a game at Claymore and found it quite fun, the other one that was pretty good fun was Saga.

Either way the other thing he's been looking at is Bloodbowl and ACW. I already have a bundle of 15mm confederates in various states of paint (Most not even undercoated yet) And we found a copy of Johnny Reb at the show so he has that and I have the Warmaster alterations for ACW as well, so that's something else that will need to get sorted and will put my other stuff back a bit.

So ACW, Dystopian Wars and potentially a bloodbowl team in the offing for over the winter alongside the very real Saracens sitting all tidied up and ready for basing in the box beside me.

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