Monday 21 August 2023

Baron Grimjaws City Guard

The last of the models from the last kickstarter (the City Guard) were finished earlier this month and here they are, Baron Grimjaws esteemed/feared/laughable red capes. 

I officially have no more B&B models to paint, so the next kickstarter is allowed to happen now, or I go about starting to fill in the gaps from the 30% of the range that I'm missing.

The Blue Army

So the mighty 'Blue army' is done, or I should say was done, finished them up a while ago, just never got round to taking pics and posting because work was all over the place. 

Either way that's 2 full forces for Pikemans Lament done and I've been motoring through the additional bits with 3 bases of Cannon, a unit of Pike done and a unit of Trotters about to be based, which leaves the Dragoons and some bits I need to buy sometime for scenarios, Cattle to rustle, Wagon train to raid etc.

Sunday 4 June 2023

Epic Dark Angels

Dark Angels for Epic, the last of the Epic armies I had sitting around after I'd sorted everything out, still needs a bunch of extra bits added and tidying up to base vehicles etc and decisions to be made around things like the speeders/bikes. But here's the vanguard infantry and terminators painted up, with some quickly done rhinos to stand in until I've figured out what else I want to finish them off.

I've got to say I'm not keen on that bottle of express colour I've used for the green, you can see it especially on the rhinos it's really patchy. But it was one of two bottles that I had an issue with when I was opening them.

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Extra Burrows and Badgers miniatures

So the extra models I got when I ordered the Dillendorf agreement are now finished, I always hate how the flaws really pop out when you get a picture, but you can't see them on the tabletop.
Just got the city watch to do now.  I was checking against the catalogue and I'm only missing about a 3rd of the entire catalogue, I have a feeling that may get rectified eventually, not all at once as it's still about  60 models. 

Did run out of white paint though, Carronade is close enough though that I can probably last until then and pick up more express colours on pre order and see what else is missing to find on the day. Might just have to get those Midlam wizards finished off (Finally!).

Thursday 6 April 2023

Magglet Squats

So finally I got round to trying out the Vallejo express colours I picked up in York. I only picked up 3 red, yellow and green specifically for painting my Magglet squats in that ancient colour scheme.

So I've made up a Killteam of Veteran Guardsmen, or thereabouts, weapon choices were limited for special weapons so I've used one of the heavy weapons, and the two plasma guns done in different styles to use for gunners. Sniper, Sergeant with plasma pistol and power weapon (fist), Bruiser with the chainsword, Medic, demolitions and Comms just have backpacks attached, bolter, cyber arm for a second, and some pistols and a straight up lasgun to make up the rest of the numbers.

I did a  grey undercoat and then drybrushed up to white instead of the recommended zenithol spray painting/airbrushing that was in the video I watched. everything else was base colour and inks/washes. 

Then the obligatory comparison shot of some of my other squats, originals, Hasslefree Grymm and the newer magglets.

Then a couple with some Imperial guard and old school marines. I never realised how big Chenkov was in comparison to the original Marines.
Next up, the last unit to finish off the 2nd army for Pikemans Lament, which will leave just spare units to switch in and out and the last of my current batch of Burrows and Badgers, City Watch and some extra's I picked up.

Sunday 2 April 2023

Squeaky Blinders

The next batch of the last kickstarter, the street gang. 

Just got some additional and the Town Guard to get done now.

Saturday 18 March 2023

Sisters of Eternal Mercy

From Raging Heroes, the sisters of battle like option, a Full squad of Examplars and a half squad of Davidians which is enough for a bit of variety in a kill team force.

All resin, but so very flimsy feeling with a lot of flex still. The detail is fantastic but well beyond my painting skills to do justice so I'm not sure if I'd actually get any more in the future.