Friday, 5 March 2021

Some SciFi Adventurers

More Hasslefree, SciFi GID Alpha team for Rogue Stars and it's ilk.

And a more modern Bourne type spyfy from the last sale, hopefully I can pick up a few of the others at some point.

I'm almost thinking that I should go back to crappy lighting for my pictures so I can't see all the mistakes.

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Burrows and Badgers

 Almost done, 5 more to go before the next kickstarter.

A couple more of the Hillfolk highlanders, shrew heroine and a Town Guardsmouse.
Last for this set is Kinlochshiels finest. Shinty or Burrowball as it might be called after testing.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Some older Barbarians

I'm not sure I took pictures of these ones, some are from the Frostgrave Barbarians I'm not sure where I picked up the sprue from, probably from a Nickstarter at some point.

These next few are all really old models, some of which may be recognisable.

The last batch are mostly from Bad Squiddo, dwarves and children fighting. With the one Dwarf Svala from Hasslefree.

I'm using these and the previous barbarians and my Middenheim warband together.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Female Adventurers (mostly)

So I got a bunch of models from the last Hasslefree sale at the really discounted prices but some of them were bits of sets so I'll need to pick up some of the others at some point.

Hurin and Yllsa, some of the barbarians, need to pick up a couple of more from this set.
Kalyna and Zetta are a couple more of the barbarians.
Kalee and Libby
Lady Glory and Sister Morrigan
The sisters Lenore and Gwen

Azura Halforc Shaman and Archmage Raisa

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Grymm Squad

 So another 28mm Squad of infantry. This time it's the Grymm infantry from Hasslefree.

I like the models, I just wish that now that I've figured out lighting for taking pictures that I hadn't given that it shows up so many errors in my painting that I can't see by normal eyesight.

Either way, they look fine in person.

Saturday, 20 February 2021


So got the cloaked halflings from Midlam painted up and based maybe last week. This is unit 1 of my plan to make units for Dragon Rampant with whatever I still have to paint/tidy up.

Next up is a number of adventurers from Hasslefree that are primarily for Thud and Blunder/Mordheim type games but fit the bill nicely. I also have some SciFi and Burrows and Badgers finally nearing completion as well now that I've started getting back into my painting.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Ikwen Pics and Buildings built

So I finished basing the Ikwen a while back but never got round to taking pics, so that's now been done because I have also finished some buildings. Ikwen up first, this is just a small sample as they are the unlimited force for the games but I have about 2 platoons worth in total I think.

I purchased a set of 15mm pre painted buildings from 4Ground and despite them being an utter pita to put together.  (I think the instructions would be far better served starting with the smaller buildings and working their way up to the biggest fiddliest building as the last one.

They went together okay in the end, but I did make a couple of mistakes along the way, some of the bits are really small and the labeling on the cutout sheets isn't the easiest to read and I did end up having to pry some pieces apart before the glue dried because I'd misread the label or what it applied to. The example being those little vents/air con units that you can see are 7 pieces and should have been 8, but I didn't successfully get the last piece out of the sheets for any of them.

Regardless these are all for use with Tomorrow's war/ambush alley/Force on Force Asymmetric warfare, played on a 2'x2' board in 15mm. Brigades polish force vs the indigenous Ikwen. I've still got bits to make up scenery wise, but I have forest bits, buildings, and I want to finish off more barricades, fencing, junk piles etc.

So 15mm done for a bit. back to bigger things for a bit.