Sunday, 5 September 2021

Smaller scale from the backlog.

 So the smaller scale stuff getting cleared off the table ready for new projects.  First up 15mm security fences, I have another 3x Straight and corner sections to paint and assemble.

Dark Angel Terminators for my epic force.
That's the space cleared for next project, cleaning up SLA Industries Shivers so we'll see how that goes.

More Stargrave/Rogue Stars

I said before I had more Stargrave, Rogue Stars type aliens/captains/first mates etc to finish off. I got there eventually, they've been sat unfinished on the table for ages because I just couldn't get up the motivation to get them all finished off but got there eventually mostly because there was other stuff pushing that I actual want to get started on. 

So the cultists from the Stargrave Nickstarter mixed in with some of the arms and guns from Stargrave sets. These will fill out the space cultists I did for Rogue Stars to a full crew for Stargrave.
Force users from Ganesha games, took the longest time to get done but will make great mystics, psionics.
First batch of CP Models for captains etc. more below with one Hasslefree. I need to make a decision at some point about finishing off the basing whether I stick them onto the resin bases, but that will require cutting them off tabs and hoping I can get enough contact for the glue to stick.
A couple more smaller models and even some scenery finished off for the next post, then decision making time for what to start on next. SLA Industries, Burrows and Badgers, Ragnarock, or Epic Dark Angels.

Friday, 6 August 2021

Prydian Lances

So finally finished off the other lance (Platoon) for my Prydians, I've had them sitting around for a while, but with us trying out the Patrol Angis rules finally it became a thing to get them finished. 

Next for this I have a squad each of Khanate Legion and Maligs that I'd got for using in FireFight, but having read through the Khanate book I can use my Ikwen as Saurads and with the new Ikwen due to be released sometime this month, there will be more of them in the future maybe just not for a bit as the painting queue got dramatically bigger recently with the remainder of Stargrave, the last Burrows and Badgers kickstarter arriving and a bunch of Draugr as well.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Stargrave Crewfolk

So the reason this has taken so long is because I got about 40 resin bases which are all done, and here's the first 10 fitted up with models added, it's a mixture of Crew and Mercenaries which I got with 2 sprues of each after swaps.  I've gone for a grubby look with them as it's supposed to be an empire in ruins after a war. So muted colours and a dirty wash will do for now.  Once I've done some more to choose from including mainly a couple of Captain and first mate combinations I'll maybe come back and pick out some details to match.

I have a bunch of CP Models, some Psi knights from Ganesha games (via Alternative Armies) and a Hasslefree model that I need to do as well as the other 2 sprues at some point (some of which have been sitting around for a very long time).  I need to make a decision for the CP stuff whether to cut the slotta tabs off and glue them to the resin bases, I'll see how brave I'm feeling when I get there.

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Achtung Cthulhu

So forgot about these ones, Achtung Cthulhu Black Suns, changed the armbands and epaulettes to a mustardy yellow colour to match my army of cultists (and because the normal red feels wrong) 

Got some Brits to do, Badgers Commandos and a couple of beasties as well which I'll get to eventually so I can use them in things like Stargrave or a more modern IHMN game.

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Werewolves and Stargrave

So I backed a Kickstarter a long time ago for some werewolves, probably the worst experience I've had with a kickstarter but at the same time still better than some because they did actually arrive.  So it was really late arriving due to a variety of issues one of the main ones being that due to some of these issues delaying delivery and rising postal rates within the period of the delays meant that the creators hadn't gained enough money off the kickstarter to actually post everything. Something that some companies would be able to absorb, but not something for such a small company.

From 3d sculpting to miniature casting isn't the easiest and I think something I hope they'll learn from as even some of the more experienced sculptors I know have had to go back and adjust models because they wouldn't cast.  The assembly for some of the models was horrific mostly because the bits just didn't fit together correctly or there was huge gaps.  Anyways Here's the first 4 painted up. 

And finally here's a little bit of what else I've been working on. I have painted about 40 bases so far for Stargrave and made a start on some of the models (6 just need based, 10 assembled and undercoated, and 4 just undercoated) alongside a bunch of crates from 4Ground which are assembled but need the labels cut out and glued on. So there's lots almost there, but not close enough to photograph.

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Epic Blood Angels

 It took a while, but I got them finished eventually. It's about 4,000pts of Blood Angels for Epic Armageddon. 

So these join the ranks of the Imperiam alongside my newly finished Inquisition/Ministorium force, Space Wolves and a lot of Imperial guard that really need to get tidied up properly.  That only leaves the Dark Angels to get finished off.